Pebble Beach Week 2007: McCall Motorworks Revival, aka the Jet Center Party

The middle of August in Monterey means one thing to car nuts – Pebble Beach. Although there are tons of events around the peninsula, and more new ones being added every year, the main event is still Pebble Beach. The shows and gatherings that lead up to Sunday's Concours have grown into happenings that come close to rivaling Pebble in some ways, but still can't match its grandeur. But even before these top events begin, there is an unofficial start to the proceedings.

As usual, Gordon McCall kicked off the march to Pebble with his fabulous soiree at the Monterey Jet Center on Wednesday night. Officially it's the McCall Motorworks Revival, but most seem to call it simply the Jet Center Party. Although there are events that begin as early as the previous week, the Jet Center Party is what many consider the opening bell for Pebble Beach week in Monterey. With Gordon's unique blend of exquisite cars from many of the week's top events, paired with executive and military aircraft from throughout history, this event is like nothing else on Earth. Well, other similar events have popped up around the country, but McCall's was the original.

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Besides the killer crop of cars and jets, this party brings out a lot of VIPs and celebs as well. Plus there's a great selection of food and wine from some of the area's top establishments to keep guests sated between dips into the eye orgy around them. Last year we were fortunate to score an invite to this exclusive event, and are thankful we were greenlighted for a return visit this year as well. As you'll see in the gallery that accompanies this story, it was a great night.

Vehicular highlights included the latest Blastolene creation, a recently restored (and incredibly gorgeous) Ferrari 500 Superfast, new Bentley Brooklands, red/silver Bugatti Veyron, Rolls Drophead, a whole slew of Superformance GT40s (Gulf Mk. I for us, please) and Cobras with the whole Roush engine family in tow, a genuine Shelby Cobra we saw in pieces not two days ago at Canepa Design's amazing shop, the Veyron-stomping Hennessy Venom Viper, and a great sample of cars from the Quail Tour that previews the Gathering on Friday. What a fun night.

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