August 20th to the 24th is Eco-Tech week on the Science Channel. It's starts off August 20th with the episode "Future Fuels." "In this episode, we'll meet the chemists, engineers, and designers who are finding incredible new ways to power planes, trains, and automobiles - using cooking grease, plant stalks, algae, hydrogen, viruses, and sunshine." Rated TV-G. 60 minutes long. I will live blog it here at AutoblogGreen, so stay tuned.

The other episodes in the Eco-Tech series are Zero Waste, Building Green, Powering Up and Extreme Weather. I will check those out and tell you if any green autos come up. The Science Channel is apart of the Discovery Channel Network. They usually find the cool in boring science and technology like their hip hop TV ad. They plan an entire 24 hour network all about green things very soon called Planet Green.


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