Detroit takes grassroots efforts to middle America, "to educate people" about CAFE

Whenever we bring up the revision of CAFE standards that Washington is considering, it seems confusing that the automakers say that they support mileage increases but are still trying to convince people not to accept them. Remember, though, that there is more than one bill on the table to be discussed. The so-called "Hill-Terry" bill is the one that the automakers are backing, which is the weakest of the three possible bills. The Auto Alliance and others are supporting this bill because they say that it is fair and achievable, and would protect jobs that the more strict bills would eliminate. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between the stances of the environmental groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, which support the highest increases to the CAFE standards, and the automakers, who are supporting the lowest. Who really knows? But, at least a shift has been made by the automakers, who never would have supported an increase in CAFE rules a few years ago.

Do you have an opinion you'd like to share? If you live close to either Chicago or St. Louis, why not attend one of the rallies and let them know what you think.

[Source: Detroit News]

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