Better luck next year: M3 sold out in the UK for '07

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BMW plans on selling 700 M3s in the UK this year, but if you haven't already put in your order, better luck next year. Not only are the Brits excited to get their own M3, they're also packing on the options, as this year's orders average £4,700, with the optional 19-inch rims being high on everyone's list. BMW is expecting the interest level to remain high into the future, as it plans to ship 2,000 of their 414 HP rocket ships next year.

It should come as no surprise that M3s are flying off the shelves right now, since BMW has added high-end V8 power to the already outrageously successful 3-series. We fully expect to see similar sell-out stories in other countries, including here in the US, as the M3 is one rockin' ride.

[Source: Autocar]

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