I just looked outside at my car. It needs three things to operate: 1. Fuel 2. Roads 3. Me. No fuel? It doesn't go. No roads? It doesn't go very far or very long. And what about me? Where do I want to go?

How do we preserve our physical mobility? I want to travel when I need to and use the least resources while making the least negative environmental impact. When I go I need to be able to get the fuel. Our country spends hundreds of billions to assure it is available to us. Plenty of tax breaks for the oil companies. Plenty military might, etc. No fuel and we are an economically hurting and hungry nation. When we get used to something at relatively low - perhaps subsidized - prices, we tend to take it for granted and, yes, we waste it.

What will we run out of first? Roads? Fuel? Time? In Minneapolis recently it was, sadly and suddenly, time and roads. In our most congested cities, it is usually time. And if something happens in the US petroleum industry, it will be fuel or your wallet. To use the new, very impressive technology we read about every day on ABG, I think we have to stretch our resources of petrofuel and roads as long as we can. It takes time to replace 200 million vehicles with PHEVs, EVs, biofuels, fuel cells. And even when we replace all those vehicles, we will still need roads.

Will we spend hundreds of billions to protect our fuel supply, more hundreds of billions to purchase new, hi-tech vehicles, but then short change ourselves by not maintaining our roads?

What do you think we should do?

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