Top Gear burns! Props destroyed

Yesterday a fire destroyed a barn at Hill End Farm in High Street, Sandridge in which props were stored for our favorite auto show from the UK, Top Gear. The free standing structure stored grain on one side, but the other was rented out by the BBC to house various props and equipment for Top Gear. There has been no word on Top Gear's website as to what items were destroyed, but we're nervous now that the Stig's list of Power Laps now exists only in our heads (and online).
Police have already concluded the fire is a case of arson and was set deliberately, though no suspects appear to be in custody. The barn itself is in a secluded area, so much so that firefighters had to wait for a long enough hose to arrive that would reach the nearest fire hydrant. There was also two acetylene cylinders and one oxygen cylinder reportedly housed in the barn, though they did not ignite.

[Source: St. Albans Observer]

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