The Tesla Roadster to take a 200 mile road trip

It looks like Tesla is about to set out to prove that their Roadster is capable of going 200 miles or more on a charge [UPDATE: the car will stop along the way at a Hyatt in Sacramento to show off the charging capability (and charge the batteries), something Tesla's David Vespremi told AutoblogGreen was the plan all along] with their planned road trip from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. This trip will take them through the mountains, where the life of their battery pack is sure to be tested. However, with the lack of an internal combustion engine, problems with the thin air up there should not be a problem. Sponsoring the trip is the Global Hyatt hotel chain, who, it appears, is mulling over the idea of installing electric car charging stations at some of their hotels.

[Source: Green Wombat]

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