Spyker CEO steps down, F1 team could be on the block

Well, that was short- lived. Spyker announced yesterday that after the negative publicity surrounding the exotic automaker's credit worthiness, combined with its aim of staying afloat in the future, it may consider selling a portion, and possibly all, of its Formula One team.

Spyker's CEO, Michiel Mol, is currently contemplating buying the team, and as such, will be stepping down in order to avoid a conflict of interest. The company's vice-chairman, Hans Hugenholtz, will be taking the reigns as the acting CEO until a replacement for Mol is found.

The move comes as Spyker works to refinance its operational expenses, and although the automaker isn't keen on releasing all the details of the restructuring, you can find more information at their website, here.

[Source: Spyker]

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