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The Pipistrel Virus: a 50 MPG flying car? Uh, no

So, here we have another attempt at the flying car, except this time the winner gets money from NASA. While the chances that the average consumer will be able to pull into their nearest Ford dealership and hand over a down payment for the Pipistrel Virus, the fact that NASA is involved lends a bit of credibility, right?

So, is the Virus the real deal when it comes to a vehicle that can seamlessly move from the highway on the road to the great highway in the sky? Nope, not even close - it is solely an airplane as a matter of fact. But, it is known as the "Prius of airplanes" reaching up to 170 mph and getting up to 50 miles to the gallon. In case you were wondering, no - it's not a hybrid. With the vehicle costing $70,000, though, you might wonder why our cars seem so much less efficient.

[Source: and Engadget]

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