Porrera: Beetle-based faux 911

I like Bugs. I like Porsches. Not together. Taking a historical bent, you could draw a line from the Porsche 911 back to the Volkswagen Beetle without it having too many kinks and corners in it. The flip side of that relationship is that while there are some similarities in the broad-strokes sense, the two cars are more dissimilar than they are alike. How we wish we'd coined the name, but alas, Creative Cars (whoever they are) came up with the Porrera moniker when they started producing 911 retrofit kits. It's close, kind of, but not really. Maybe in that small area in the lower part of the rear quarter where the taillights meet the fender flares. Hm. No. All the nose jobs and fanny surgery in the world can't change the fact that this is, at its core, a 1970 Type I. The greenhouse is too bulbous (a proper chop job might help), the front overhangs are reminiscent of something penned by Matt Groening, and out back continues to chuffle a filthy 1300.

[Source: eBay via Carscoop]

If you're thinking a four cylinder Porsche is a value leader, for Pete's sake, go seek out a ' 76 912E. That's the proper way to mate VW mechanicals with Porsche bodywork, and this bastardized bug is bass-ackwards to the way it was done in Zuffenhausen. A '76 912E is much the same as a 911, but there's a VW Type IV powerplant in the tail, sporting fuel injection. It even looks like what this car's trying to emulate. Skip a few years further back if the classic short-wheelbase 911s are your thing, and you can get a more vintage 912, for a lot less than a 911, and real pedigree.

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