MagicWheels can add mileage to your wheelchair

Technology sometimes has profound effects on ridiculously complex devices while leaving the simple ones in the dust. Some people have no choice but to get around in a wheelchair and could not use a device like the Segway or even an electric bike. Sure, there are electric wheelchairs around, but they are quite expensive and usually very unattractive. I know because I was recently in the market for an electric machine for a family member. The choices were few, unless I could convince my insurance company to pick up the tab. So, why not just get back to the standard wheelchair. Human power still makes sense for many users, but the one-speed-fits-all approach doesn't. So, MagicWheels decided to do something about it by offering multiple speed wheels which can be retrofitted to most wheelchairs. This approach can make it easier to go uphill or across difficult terrain while still offering ease of use for normal flat ground. Makes perfect sense, no?
[Source: Gizmag]

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