As the European Commission mulls over new standards to curb carbon-dioxides emissions of cars, one proposal has emerged that's quickly gaining favor among some of the automakers. The plan would see the introduction of a weight-based system to regulate car CO2 emissions levels, something the boss of one of Germany's luxury automakers has praised.

Lawmakers hope to reduce average fleet CO2 emissions to 130 grams per kilometer by 2012 from current levels of about 160g/km. Such a ruling would hurt Germany's premium manufacturers the most because their fleets are made up mostly of large and powerful fuel-hungry cars. By contrast, French and Italian rivals' fleets consist of smaller, more fuel-efficient models and such a ruling would actually benefit them.

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler praised news that the European Commission is considering a proposal that would see allowable CO2 emissions standards be based on a vehicle's weight rather than a fleet average level. The Audi boss is not alone. Most premium automakers are in favor of the alternative proposal, and are even in the process of developing smaller and lighter cars as a sign of acceptance that things must change.

[Source: Automotive News - Subs. Req'd]

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