Frankfurt Preview: Kia releases second tease of Sports Coupe Concept

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While there's absolutely no new information to go along with it, a second teaser image of Kia's Frankfurt-bound Sports Coupe Concept has found its way onto the web. Following up the exotic front-end view shown in July, the profile shot above reveals a shape that, at first look, seems less swoopy as we would have expected. The curved roof extends pretty far back before angling back down, making for more practical if less dramatic packaging for the 2+2. A pronounced shoulder over the rear wheel hints at muscle, though we have no idea what the powertrain in this concept consists of yet. The design study is said to offer a window into Kia's design future, and we're curious to see what this thing looks like when all the shadows are gone and it's basking under the lights on the IAA show floor.

UPDATE: Reader "pixelcut" has photoshopped away more of the shadows, revealing the lower portion of the car in greater detail. Follow the jump to see that view and the official press release that accompanied the second teaser shot.

[Source: Kia]

Kia Sports Coupe Concept heralds new look

Kia Motors Corporation has released a second 'preview image' of the concept car it will unveil at the Frankfurt International Motor Show on 11 September.

Shown in profile, the svelte Sports Coupe Concept reveals classic lines coupled with a lengthened cabin design that can accommodate four adults in comfort.

Designed in Europe, under the guidance of Kia's Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, the all-new 2+2 Sports Coupe Concept, whose name remains a secret at present, will demonstrate an uncluttered, pure and timeless execution and represents a new design ethos for the Korean automotive company.

"The new Sports Coupe Concept is a clear and emphatic statement that the future of the Kia brand is set to be one that will excite and surprise an entirely new audience of consumers," commented Peter Schreyer.

"In making this design departure for Kia it was essential to my thinking that we did not lose sight of the fact that the Kia brand must continue to appeal to customers in the mainstream. It would have been easy to present an extreme supercar at Frankfurt that would attract plenty of attention, but could have no place in Kia's future. Our Sports Coupe Concept is not simply a flight of fancy.

"I believe this concept car could be a 'landmark' vehicle in Kia's history and I wanted it to appeal to the widest possible audience. This design is not the result of self-indulgent design excess. It incorporates a host of elements that will become the new face-of-Kia right across our product range and it is the clearest design statement about the way I want Kia to be seen as we go forwards," added Schreyer.

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