A123 is the battery for the Chevy Volt. We live blogged that news for you. One of the selling points of the battery is safety. How safe is it? Ric Fulop and David Vieau of A123 systems gave us their answers, but look for yourself. This video purports to be the A123 battery getting a nail drilled through it. Nothing really happens. The same is done to other batters and they burst in flames and almost explode. If a demo like this was done for GM, I can understand why A123 is the Volt's battery.

Commenter to the video, Allamericom, wonders "if this was another ploy to discourage and frighten others from electric cars?" Ianbruce says they are using them in the Ventureone, an electric vehicle. He also says in a comment ""Don't get in an accident in your battery-electric car, unless you're using something designed for the purpose." ;)" The video has over 4,000 views since March 2007.

[Source: Youtube]

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