Murci me! Man buys Lamborghini, wrecks it, is arrested -- all within hours

Chances are that if your "to-do" list for a given day includes picking up your new Lamborghini Murcielago, things are going pretty well. After all, taking delivery of a new Lambo generally indicates one has some serious coin and that the good life is being lived. But the trappings of the good life can be fraught with danger, as the Murci can be merciless to its pilot if not treated with the proper amount of respect.
This seems to be the lesson learned by one Ronald Tridico of Florida. According to witnesses, Mr. Tridico was apparently speeding while navigating a curve on state Road 429 near Orlando when the Murcielago headed off the pavement into the grassy roadside area.'s photo coverage seems to indicate that a speed limit sign got taken out during the impromptu off-roading excursion. Photos show a fair amount of damage to the lower bodywork, as those aero bits don't take well to uneven and unpaved surfaces. Mr. Tridico was arrested and charged with suspicion of DUI and leaving an accident scene. His wife, who was in the passenger seat, reportedly suffered a minor arm injury, as well. And so a day that likely began with Mr. Tridico wearing a broad smile as he accepted the keys to his new toy ended with a less-enthused look on his face in the mugshot taken after the authorities caught up with him. Cue the music...


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