Chuck Klosterman watched the "Live Green" Superbowl ad. Then he bought a flex fuel car. In this article from Esquire, he made an incredible argument for ethanol of the like I have never seen before. I think it reflects a lot of people that support ethanol. First, there is nothing technical in this article. He says there is a debate about emissions in one sentence in parenthesis and that ended that. The article is about the power of Culture.

Chuck says "culture beats strategy every time." "No business strategy can compete against the sheer power of everyone buying into the same ideas, working toward identical goals, and wanting the same things. A well-built machine is still no match for a living organism, because the organism can evolve over time." Live Green "is attempting to generate a hipster culture around corn."

He has "never experienced a marketing move that is aimed so directly at" his "life, quite possibly to the exclusion of everyone else in America." Why does he support ethanol? It's "neither environmental nor political. It's not economic, either." He likes "the idea of ethanol only because it seems like the last hope for the survival of small U.S. farmers, many of whom exist within a completely insane business model that's a product of their own efficiency."

If you are still anti-ethanol, cleanse your pallet with the video from CNBC's Larry Kudlow on ethanol. Pro: Lou Ann Hammond from Con: Jeff Goodell. He wrote an article in Rolling Stone called the Ethanol Scam. All very logical, very political, very large scale with no mention of the struggling good 'ol American farmer. In fact, you could say it's lost in the discussion of big agro.


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