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Edmunds corrects itself on Tundra incentive spending

Earlier today we referenced Toyota disputing claiming that the Tundra was sold in July with $6,861 of incentives per vehicle. That would've been the highest amount of incentives for any full-size pickup sold last month, but it turns out Edmunds made an error and last Friday printed a retraction on its AutoObserver site. Though Toyota does not release the official amount of incentives it offers for the Tundra, Edmunds is now claiming the amount offered last month is $4,625. That amount, while still high, makes it the third highest amount of incentives behind the Dodge Ram 1500 ($6,739 per vehicle) and Nissan Titan ($4,835 per vehicle). Edmunds further claims the 2007 Chevy Silverado was sold with $3,995 worth of incentives last month, and the Ford F-150 with $3,574. The Honda Ridgeline, if it can be rightly included in this group, was sold with $2,746 worth of incentives.
[Source: AutoObserver]

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