2008 Mariner hybrid costs $2K less than 2007

The hybrid price war is heating up. Mercury has released pricing for the 2008 Mariner hybrid. It's $26,620 and 2WD. The 2007 Mariner Hybrid was only 4WD and $28,615. Okay, maybe the price is lower because it's 2WD and not 4WD. I guess the price drops maybe a response to the loss of some tax deductions. So, there might not be a war but prices are dropping... or are they?

The Nissan's 2008 hybrid Altima may cost a little more. Nissan spokesman Darryll Harrison says "we are looking at adding some features that aren't standard." "It may be just a slight increase." Just $100. Price is expected later in the Summer. Hmmm, secret features? ...$100? I guess it's too cheap to be plug-in. It would be great if Nissan surprised everyone by being first to the plug-in market ahead of GM and Toyota. Anyway, stay tuned for more follow ups on this year's trend in hybrid pricing.

[Source: Forbes via EV World]

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