How the London Congestion Charge might change the used car market

The reason city governments restrict the number of vehicles in a metropolitan downtown is to encourage alternative forms of transportation, ones that are usually less damaging to the environment (which does not include walking, remember). But, according to EurotaxGlass's, one side effect to the proposed changes to London's Congestion Charge will be a marked decline on the resale values of some vehicles. Which cars? Why, the higher-emission ones, of course. As Adrian Rushmore, managing editor at EurotaxGlass's, says: "There would likely be a surge in part exchanges as some motorists attempt to reduce their daily running costs for commuting into the Zone, and the resulting increase in volumes of cars passing through dealers and auction houses would quickly depress prices, with no prospect of any recovery."

He continues: "Some vehicle brands might see improved sales for smaller, lower-emissions models in their range, with hybrids doubtless gaining further ground. Worst affected would be those marques whose ranges are dominated by higher-emissions cars and who currently rely on sales within the South East of England."

Um, yeah. That's part of the process, Adrian. Weaning people off of the bigger-is-better model. If you have a family of seven and you need your SUV, then you've got to figure out a way to pay for all the things you use, including your vehicle. If that SUV becomes fairly worthless to the rest of the people, then tough. If you need it, use it and take your lumps. Making our lives more sustainable is not going to be painless.

[Source: EurotaxGlass's]

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