Every museum has to try new promotions and gimmicks to keep patrons coming through the turnstyle, and automotive shrines are no different. Traveling shows, special events featuring a particular brand or model, or hands-on events have worked, but the A.A.C.A. Museum in Hershey, Pa has taken a creative approach to increasing attendance.

The A.A.C.A has over $10 million worth vintage cars, and adult males comprise a large percentage of visitors. To draw a more diverse demographic, the museum has launched a successful campaign to get women and children in the doors. One promotion invited Girl Scouts to camp overnight at the museum, while learning how to perform maintenance on cars. The A.A.C.A. also hosted clinics on automotive detailing, which is a big hit with owners of vintage vehicles who often spend big dollars getting their classics prepped before car shows. Another unique event brought 350 visitors to the roof of the museum to watch "Madman Muntz: American Maverick" being projected onto the side of a building while hot dogs and popcorn were being served.

We like car museums as much as the next auto-obsessed blogger, and the A.A.C.A. has some great ideas to increase foot traffic. Now to get the kids over to Hershey so they can learn how to change the oil.

[Source: NY Times]

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