The Masdar initiative. Carbon neutral, zero waste city. And car-free. That's the part that's important to us. The video says cycling and walking will be the most popular form of transport. Everything you need will be 200 meters (656 feet) away. This is illustrated by creepy red rings in the video. If you just have to go faster than a bike, there is an "electrical personal rapid transit system" and light rail.

Maybe it's the CBS Lost like use of the word initiative or the fact it's walled, but this is hella weird. Just look at that video. It's like a sci-fi movie or something. Only thing missing is James Bond and a hand petting a cat. Anyway, clean energy, green values, 47,500 people, 3.7-square-mile, coming 2009 to Abu Dhabi... one of the largest oil producers in the world. Nope, nothing strange about that at all.

[Source: Businessweek via Grist]

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