Woodland Biofuels gets $9.8 million for celllulosic ethanol plant in Canada

The competition to make cellulosic ethanol commercially is officially on. Woodland Biofuels Inc. announced yesterday that it has received $9.8 Million from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to build a cellulosic ethanol plant in Atlantic Canada. Place this news next to Mascoma's similar announcement from a while back, and we've got ourselves a race.

Woodland says it will "build this unique facility to efficiently produce cellulosic ethanol from wood waste. The plant will use Woodland's patented Catalyzed Pressure Reduction (CPRTM) technology, which can be used to produce sustainable fuels from virtually any type of biomass, including wood waste and agricultural waste. The technology generates absolutely no toxic emissions and eliminates the need to use food, such as corn, to produce ethanol." Mascoma is also using wood for its cellulosic plant.

In more ways than one: "Gentlemen, start your engines..."

[Source: Woodland Biofuels Inc.]

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