Them are fightin' words: Lutz goes off on the 'experts'

Maximum Bob has had enough of automotive experts who question the guile of domestic execs, and as usual Mr. Lutz isn't afraid to share his thoughts with all who are willing to listen. At his recent speech at the Center for Automotive Research's annual management conference, Blogger Bob opened a GM-sized can on experts referring to Big Three executives as " Detroit Dinosaurs". Mr. Lutz asked if three independent companies with independent boards could all be "nearly imploded" at the same time because they're all the same level of stupid at the exact same time. He then mentioned macroeconomic factors (currency, labor costs, etc) that hurt the domestics while leaving imports unscathed.

We're definitely not among the "experts" to which Mr. Lutz was referring, and we tend to agree with our fellow blogger Bob on this point. Making cars and trucks is one of the most complicated businesses on this planet, and no matter how good or smart you are, it's hard to compete on an un-level playing field.

[Source: Edmunds Auto Observer]

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