Help a guy out: Do women change tires in heels?

Look at that! Just look at it! Can you believe the cover of the book Lube Jobs? The book is not even about cars. It's a sex guide. Are we really supposed to believe a situation like that? Does that sticker even come off? AutoblogGreen has posted about woman and cars before. They say electric cars are meant for woman. Who are they?

What's the real history of woman and cars? I am going to look into it. Maybe I will find the Rosalind Franklin of electric cars. I ordered the book Tinkering today. The book summary says 'women drivers represented one group of consumers who used tinkering to advance their claim to social autonomy. ' I will post a review soon. Next, I think I will take a look at woman factory workers in World War II.

Please suggest books or woman I should research in comments. Go below the fold to see the cover of Tinkering, which is a woman by her car and Rosie the Riveter by Norman Rockwell.

[Source: Associated Press]


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