eBay Find of the Day: It's big, it's black and we want it

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You know how when you were a kid, and you used to doodle wild wheeled creations in your notebooks instead of listening to your teachers? Remember how you thought about how great it would be if you had a "real" version of what you were drawing. If we had to guess, Jeremy Dixon, the owner of this awesome black machine, was one of those kids way back when, only he went ahead ahead and built the dream machine he onceup.

This open-wheel monster (we'll call it the Dixon Big Block for the sake of the post) seats two behind a windshield made from a Mazda RX-7's backlight, is powered by a mid-mounted big block Chevy, puts out close to 1000 horsepower, is apparently street legal (in Florida, at least), and reportedly attracts a wee bit of attention when it's out and about. And though it is listed on eBay, Jeremy is very upfront about this: he'll only sell to someone who will care for it as well as he has, can properly maintain it, and who'll treat it with the respect it commands.

Hell, Jeremy, maybe you should reconsider. Keep the car. Auction off rides in it instead.

Click here for the full listing, and make sure to read the "Questions from other members" section, too. Jeremy's web page can be found here.

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