Teaser shot of the Edo Competition Ferrari 599

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Edo Competition modifies cars subtly. While you might see non-standard colors and aftermarket wheels combined with an Edo graphic, nothing outlandish is going on. Most of the company's modifications take place out of sight, with updates made to cars' exhausts, suspensions, and engines in the form of an ECU tune. All of those things will happen on the company's white Ferrari 599 GTB, but the car's not quite ready yet (Edo told WorldCarFans it's "weeks away"), so we'll have to wait to get the final specs. As for the look -- white paint with black wheels -- thumbs up from us. In the meantime, you can see some additional sneak peaks at Dino Pannhorst Photography, which appears to have shot the car for Edo Competition.

[Source: Dino Pannhorst via WorldCarFans]

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