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Float through the air with the Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft by Aeros

Take a look at this new airship from Aeros. The idea here is to combine the principles of propeller driven aircraft with that of the airship, like the infamous Hindenburg. That ship was able to travel at over 80 miles per hour carrying 100 tons with only 1200 horsepower. Of course, it also blew up. But modern technology can fix the problems inherent with the design of the old airship. Click here for an interview from Eco Geek with Ron Hochstetler, an expert on the subject of airships.

If you are still interested in the idea, why not check out this other post from Eco Geek on personal blimps. I'm not so sure that I am ready to commute by blimp, but I am certainly willing to read about it!

[Source: Eco Geek and Gizmag]

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