Even bigger and less green(ish): Audi set to launch V12 TDI Q7

If you were thinking that the biggest diesel engine that a German automaker would stuff inside the engine bay of an SUV was going to be VW's V10 TDI, think again. Audi showed off a concept Q7 SUV at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year and has now announced that the machine will be sold to consumers. Making 500 horsepower and over 700 lb. ft. of torque, this is a powerful diesel engine for a production car. Need more power? Consider a semi. Of course, the semi won't be able to keep up, as the Q7 V12 TDI will be able to reach sixty in about 5.5 seconds. The machine is expected to achieve about 20 miles per gallon and is surely more of an engine than anybody really needs in the car.


[Source: Motor Authority]

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