Nissan beats BMW in battle over "M"

Click over and get your Sesame Street fix. You know you want to.

A Canadian court just ruled that the letter "M" does not belong to BMW, so it has decided to change its name to "BW." Just kidding. BMW Canada had sued Nissan Canada in a bid to stop the Infiniti brand from using the "M" model designation on its mid-level vehicles. BMW has been using the letter "M" to signify its top-performing models for decades and felt its use on Infinitis was confusing to customers.

Actually, BMW called Infiniti vehicles "inferior and more modestly priced." That should have put Nissan in its place, but no, Nissan fought back. And the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal is siding with Nissan, ruling that it's free to use the letter "M", as well.

This recent judgment in Nissan's favor overturns a previous one that went BMW's way and blocked Nissan from using the letter. Nissan was this close to changing its name to Missan. There we go, cracking wise again. Seriously though, BMW has the Supreme Court available if it still wants to fight.

Today's post was brought to you by the letter "M" and the numbers 3, 5, 6 and sometimes 4.

[Source: Canada National Post]

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