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eBay Find of the Day: Priddy auctioning Jag XF camo for good cause

Ace spy photographer Brenda Priddy is auctioning off a piece of automotive kitsch. Up for grabs in this eBay auction is a piece of camo that came off of a Jaguar XF prototype, which is kind of fun if you're into Jags or just offbeat automobilia. But there's an even better reason to bid - all the money raised will go to charity.

What the top bidder receives, besides the knowledge that he or she has helped a good cause, is "a sticky wad of camouflage from the not-yet-out 2009 Jaguar XF!! The "camouflage", in this case, is a small bundle or wad of silver and black SUPER-STICKY duct-tape-like adhesive." And Brenda herself promises it is authentic. "We personally witnessed as an engineer peeled a bit of tape off a prototype and then threw it way in a garbage can at a remote gas station in an undisclosed location."

[Source: eBay]

Also included is a 12" x 18" signed photo of the car that can be framed and hung proudly (but not republished), two "very-hard-to-get/limited edition 'I-can't tell-you-what-it-does-or-I-will-have-to-kill-you' purple 'Espionage' writing pens" from Brenda Priddy & Company, and if the winning bid is over $75.00, you'll also get an 'OFFICIAL' Brenda Priddy & Company "ESPIONAGE" hat. Should the top bid go over $150.00, they'll even throw in another 12x18 signed photo and as the bids get higher, they'll try to match your generosity with extra stuff.

Priddy will also pay all of the eBay fees, even the shipping, up to $250.00. And like we said, YOU get to choose where the money goes from the choice of charities below. Think about it - you'll be the only one one your block with a bag of used duct tape PRICELESS camouflage from a real Jaguar prototype. So bid early and bid often. Still 9 days left and the top bid is a paltry $50.00.

Charity Foundations:
Make A Wish Foundation
American Heart Association
March of Dimes
American Cancer Society
Fisher House
Peace Corps

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