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Bespoke roadster uses WWII German fighter power

Pur Sang, an Argentine coachbuilder, is normally in the business of making Bugatti T35 replicas. It also makes custom vehicles for those who can afford them, and for one German customer it has made the burgundy roadster you see above. Not much is known about it (or the client), except that the lengthy engine cowl hides the magnesium V12 from a German WWII airplane. It isn't revealed exactly what engine it is, but both Daimler and Junkers made inverted V12 powerplants, and the Daimler model had direct fuel injection and went into the Messerschmidt 109. The roadster's horsepower is listed as 400, which would be a severe detune from the potential 1,200 hp that the 109 boasted. However, torque is a massive 885 lb-ft, which should still allow for some pretty exciting low-level maneuvers. The exact price wasn't revealed, but it was said to be well into six figures, in euros.

Thanks for the tip, Carlos!

[Source: Argentina Auto Blog]

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