Another airline offering to offset CO2 emissions

Easyjet is offering the possibility to offset the CO2 to their customer's trips as an extra service via a calculator which calculates your trip's carbon footprint. Then you can aquire together with your flight your participation in a sustainability project made to reduce CO2 global emissions. This is a first for a low-cost airline.

The chosen project, which is sponsored by the United Nations Fund on Climate Change (UNFCC), consists of an hydroelectric generation plant in Perlabi, Ecuador, which is a project that both helps create clean electricity and develop a poor community.

Easyjet has announced a few times that its relatively modern fleet has the lowest CO2 emissions in the industry. They have, however, started to charge for checked-in luggage (3 EUR), in the name of reducing weight and therefore emissions.

[Source: Europa Press via Econoticias]

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