ZPower refines the silver-zinc rechargable battery

I have heard of silver-zinc batteries before, but this is the first I have heard of them actually being mass-produced as of late. Apparently, because the source materials can get expensive, the batteries were pretty much forgotten long ago and replaced by chemistries such as lithium- and nickel-based batteries. ZPower is hoping to change that with their new nano-engineered silver-zinc batteries. The chemistry is inherently safe according to our source article, and the batteries can be safely ramped up in size. ZPower is still working on their chemistry, though, and does not expect the batteries to be shipping until next year.

Zinc-silver batteries have a few distinct advantages over the lithium technology which is common today. The metals in the battery can be completely recycled with no degradation or losses. Also, the batteries give off more power in addition to being safer as we have already mentioned. We are certainly sure that lithium-ion battery technology is getting ready for prime time, and don't expect a replacement for them any time soon, but look for more information on these batteries ZPower batteries once they hit the market.

[Source: Gizmag]

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