We took a look at the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid in June. We thought you might like to see what Motorweek thinks of it. If you want a hybrid SUV, the Escape is the one to get. It easily beats the Saturn Vue Hybrid Green Line. For example, the Vue gets 23 MPG in the city while the Escape 2WD gets 34 MPG in the city. Even the inside of the Escape is green.

The upholstery is 100 percent recycled fibers. Ford says "this will save up to 600,000 gallons of water and 7-million kilowatt hours of electricity each year." Okay, but what's the real damage? $25,740 for the 2WD. $27,490 for the 4WD. There is a $3,000 tax credit for the 2WD and $2,200 for the 4WD. Not bad.

[Source: Motorweek]

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