Eurobasket goes carbon neutral

One of the biggest sport events in Europe (with the exception of footba- er, soccer) is the Eurobasket championship, a competition of 16 national basketball teams from around Europe which is being held in Madrid (Spain) from Sep. 3rd.
But this time the organisation wanted to add a special twist to the event: it's going carbon neutral, which is a first for such a relatively big event.

A company, called CO2 Solutions is calculating how many trees the event will plant at the end to offset all the displacements from the 16 teams, from the moment they leave their countries until they come back. This includes the trips among the different sites but also the private cars that will be used by spectators to the events. To support this initiative, Madrid's town hall will increase metro and buses frequency to stimulate the use of mass transit and save as many car trips to the games as possible.

A similar calculation was made when Madrid was a candidate to held the Olympic Games in 2012, which were finally given to London.
[Source: Eurobasket organisation]

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