Will "Instant Steam" bring back the steam-powered car?

Although the process of making what Oxford Catalysts calls "Instant Steam" is not feasible for power generation on a large-scale, it might work well in smaller-scale energy production, like automobiles. As a matter of fact, the gasoline internal combustion engine that we all have in our cars doesn't make a great deal of sense when it comes to large-scale power production, but I digress.

Steam power was a popular option back when the automobile was in its infant stage. Because gasoline was cheap, it won out and the steam car has all but disappeared from our world. But, steam is used in many other industries as well, and the Instant Steam process is likely to be introduced first for removing gum from asphalt - which also could be considered auto-related. The next likely use would be in killing bacteria instantly in hospitals. Other potential uses include rockets and automobiles. One wonders if electric cars could use a portable steam generator as a range-extending device in a vehicle like the Volt. Who knows what will provide the ultimate solution for removing fossil fuels from our automobiles? Probably a combination of many things... including a return to the steam engine?

[source: Innovations Report]

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