VW says bye-bye to Bluetec

Looks like the Bluetec Alliance has lost another member. Green Car Congress was able to translate an article by German publication, " Wirtschaftswoche," which says Volkswagen will abandon Bluetec.
"Wirtschaftswoche" reports that VW feels the Bluetec name is too closely associated with Mercedes and wants to differentiate its clean diesel engines more. VW will therefore keep its TDI designation for the cleaner diesels.

With BMW dropping out of Bluetec in November and now VW, it's not entirely clear who, other than Mercedes, is left to use the badge. An Audi press release we reported on in July seems to indicate that company will follow VW and go TDI as well. But, as we said last month, Chrysler may continue to share the Bluetec name and technology with Mercedes.

[Source: Wirtschaftswoche via Green Car Congress]

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