The video includes two green car related amendments made to the energy bill before it passed the house. So, you would not know about them unless you spent your entire Saturday watching CSPAN like I did. AutoblogGreen, watching CSPAN on a rare Saturday session, so you don't have to :D The first part is Rep. Blumenauer saying the bill replaces Hummer subsidies with subsidies for plug-in hybrids. That was already in the bill.

The second part is Rep. Holt talking about studying the use of real time GPS to make your commute short. It's supported by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America and will look at how much fuel these technologies save. Rep. Tauscher's has an amendment for a two year vanpooling program. She says it will TRIPLE vanpooling, conserving more than 500 M gallons of fuel per year. The last part of the video is the passing of the bill by Pelosi. Green Car Congress has a nice write up of some other things in the energy bill related to cars.

[Source: CSPAN and Green Car Congress]

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