Trailer queens: Corvette and Mustang tow vehicles

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Why settle for ordinary? That's the question American Custom Trailers is answering with its line of unique Corvette- and Mustang-bodied motorcycle trailers. For the sake of functionality, and perhaps to avoid a lawsuit, the Mustangs and Corvettes aren't exact replicas, but faithfully emulate the overall shapes of those American icons. Just like with their full-scale counterparts, be prepared to give up a little space inside if you opt for the Corvette. The Vette offers 19 cubic feet of cargo space, while Mustang buyers will get a nice round 20 cubic feet.

The trailers are fully DOT compliant and feature carpeted holds, working tail lights (including the cyclops), torsion suspensions, 12" wheels and tires, 1-7/8" swivel couplers, and 6 PIN electrical connection. Each starts at $3,495, and it looks like there are dealers throughout the Midwest and Northeast. Custom paint jobs and graphics packages are also available, but if the standard looks don't quite do it for you, fully custom trailers are also available starting at $9,995.

[Source: American Custom Trailers via CarScoop]

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