Update on the Japanese automakers' operating system

Today we take you all the way back to 2004 with an update on the Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture, or JASPAR for short. This is a consortium of Japanese automotive and technology companies, which is developing a new standard operating system for Japanese vehicles. A competing OS is being designed in Europe by BMW and Daimler, among others. Currently, Bosch owns about 70% of the current market share when it comes to automotive electronics with their OS, known as OSEK.

As you are most definitely aware if you have purchased a car in the last few years, our expectations are that our vehicles will come with more and more gadgets, and we also expect them to work right all the time. Nobody wants to reboot their cars in the morning when they are running late for work, right? Even worse would be the dreaded BSOD while driving 70 mph down the highway on your way home. So, let's just hope that the "development by committee" approach pays off and the end result is reliable.

[Source: The Raw Feed]

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