"I drive a Toyota Prius and I have one of the Lexus hybrids," says Matt. "Next year I'm getting a Tesla Roadster, which I'm very, very excited about. It's an electric car, gets about 250 miles to the charge and is fast as hell! I can't wait to get it. Driving a green car is one of the ways we can all do a little more, so I'm trying to do that."

Matt's new movie, Bourne Ultimatum, opens this weekend and it looks like it will be number one at the box office. It may be the best opening of Matt's career. The first Bourne movie has an amazing car chase in a mini. It's probably one of the best car chases in the history of movies. Ultimatum has a commercial tie in with VW Touareg 2. Check out the video.

[Source: Times Online]

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