Kicherer brings Audi's R8 down a notch

There are those who can never be satisfied with near perfection. Kicherer just couldn't leave well enough alone, and just had to go and improve Audi's new supercar, the R8.

The German tuner smartly left the mechanicals alone, and focused on altering the R8's aesthetics and handling. A new front spoiler reduces front lift, while a new rear spoiler adds downforce. Original 19" rims were replaced with larger but lighter 20s. But the most obvious, and perhaps most effective, change is the new set of springs that takes the car down 15mm in front and a whopping 30mm in front the rear.

No word on how these changes affect the R8's already phenomenal handling, nor is there any word on how phenomenally these changes will affect your wallet. But we're pretty sure if you're seriously interested in buying one, you know who to call to find out.

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[Source: Motor Authority]
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