Hummer hybrid arrives, courtesy of Paris Hilton (not)

While Paris Hilton did just get a free Ford Escape hybrid, she also recently claimed to have ordered a Hummer hybrid. Well, unless she's talking about a hydrogen version from H2H, we're not quite sure what she asked for. As the NY Post so aptly puts it, Hilton "continues to show she never went to college. She recently bragged to Us Weekly, 'I ordered a Hummer Hybrid' - to which a spokesperson for Hummer responded, 'Such a car doesn't exist.'"
I know the people who think Paris is a genius are few and far between, but statements like this certainly don't help people who work in the green car field. First, it's misinformation, so there might be a segment of the population out there that now thinks that a Hummer hybrid actually exists. Second, letting the word hybrid stand in for environmentally sound is bad policy. In some cases ( Insight, Prius), the hybrid motor is, first and foremost, meant to increase MPG. In other cases (the new Porsche hybrids and the Lexus hybrids, for example), the electric addition just gives a little more power, a slight increase in MPG, and a whole lot of greenwashing. Even if a Hummer hybrid were to exist, it wouldn't be the best choice for drivers who care.

[Source: NY Post via Ecorazzi]

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