VIDEO: From cutting up Ferraris to building the Eco-Jet: Metalcrafters

The most entertaining part of this video, by far, is the stupid ad-libbed "purr" from the newscaster at the end, as they go to banter before the probable throw to the weather. That's what newscasters do when the story is done, say some insipid crap, then toss to the meteorologist to segue from drivel to forecast. Oh yeah, there are cars in the video, too. Very cool cars. Under construction cars, in a super nice custom shop. From inauspicious beginnings assaulting Ferraris with Sawzalls, Metalcrafters has grown into a nearly 200-person operation that builds hot one-offs like Jay Leno's Eco-Jet, customizes production cars, and builds prototypes for the likes of Chrysler. There are some great shots of the Foose Hemisfear under construction, too. It's always intriguing to see how "real" custom cars go together, so we were watching close to crib any techniques we could. Now, where do we send our application?

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[Source: KNBC]

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