UK cops give speeding tickets, take DNA sample

It seems a little unreasonable and over the top to us. UK drivers pinched for speeding may soon be compelled to surrender a swab, too. If the authorities get their way, it's not just speeders they'll nab to build their DNA database, but even litterbugs will be asked to "donate."
The UK's DNA database has recently come under fire for concerns that the stockpile is overly heavy with children and minorities. Treating everyone like a fugitive shows the government's basic contempt for its citizenry, and collecting reams of biometric data on the population is fraught with the potential for future abuse or invasion. While having DNA on file will likely lead to the solution of some crimes, it seems out of the scope of consequence for speeding. It's one thing if you can opt out, but if it becomes compulsory, we'll remain glad to stay in the Colonies.

[Source: Pistonheads]

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