Toyota Highlander gets mostly A's in IIHS frontal crash test

Those of you waiting for IIHS crash results to make a decision on buying a 2008 Toyota Highlander now have hard, cold, mangled facts on which to base your judgment. Highlander shoppers will be glad to know the redesigned SUV passed with a "Good" grade on everything but head and neck injuries, in which it got an "Average" mark. Toyota-haters will just be glad to know that somewhere lies a wrecked 2008 Toyota Highlander.

IIHS said body movement was well-controlled during the frontal crash and that the chance of injury to legs, chest and neck was minimal. That said, however, the dummy's head did strike the steering wheel through the airbag, which is where the Toyota's lower head injury score came from.

These test results are an improvement over the 2007 model's, which also good an average on head and neck but another one on injuries to the right leg and foot.

[Source: IIHS]

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