Holden-bodied Camaro mule in Oz

What at first blush appears to be a Holden VE Commodore, is quite probably a Camaro test mule. It was spotted by a Drive reader in East Melbourne, Australia and captured for posterity. The Commodore looks like it has a much shorter wheelbase and a lower roofline. It also has only two doors, despite the decoy rears. Drive also points out the altered rear overhang, which has a much steeper departure angle, and the thinner C-pillar.
Although it will be built in Canada, the Camaro is based on a platform that was developed for the VE Commodore. The Camaro will be the first global use of that Zeta RWD architecture. It should also be noted that the Monaro coupes have usually been built on the same wheelbase as the Commodore sedans, giving more credence to this shorter wheelbase model being the new Camaro in disguise. Plus the fact Holden basically told the public there would be Camaro mules on the streets of Oz by now.

Thanks, Kai!

[Source: drive.com.au]

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