Flight of the Conchords take their bikes on the bus

(Warning: This might not be safe for work or NSFW. The video contains language that might be objectionable. There are no actual curse words in the video. They say uckers and sheet. So it might be safe.)

Flight of the Conchords is my favorite new TV show. It's like Seinfeld with music from They Might Be Giants. The first episode premiered June 17 on HBO. The series focuses on a singing duo and their odd problems. In the 7th episode, Drive By, which premiered July 29, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie take their bikes on the bus. It's the music video to the song Mother Uckers. My favorite song from the series so far is still Business Time. This comes in a close second. It's great to see gas free and public transport on TV. I can't think of another time I have ever seen a bike on a bus on TV. They even wear their helmets.

The video is below the fold.

[Source: HBO]

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