Broom! Or shoud we say Bzzzzz! The video shows how a real sleeper, a 1972 Datsun Sedan converted to EV beats a 2005 Corvette on the drag strip. The Datsun, called the White Zombie, makes 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, far better than any other street legal car. Or if you want to push it harder, from 0 to 109 mph in 11.9 seconds (hey, not for road use!)

The car is a creation of John Wayland and shows one of the best benefits of electric motors in a car: full torque from the very beginning. The motors installed on the White Zombie are modified forklift units, mated to a set of 36 V batteries, although no word is given on distance on a full charge but my guess is quite a number of strips.

Like many pioneers in the EV world, Wayland's purpose was showing to the world that the Electric Car is a reality and it can be better than the gasoline counterparts, called "gassers". Nevertheless, those EV dragsters were banned at a certain moment because they were considered dangerous but now they're back and accepted at national competitions.

[Source: WSJ Online]

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