AutoTrader Green: 30 mpg or higher only, please

Where do you go to find the latest news and the best unique editorial content on the web when it comes to green automobiles? Right here at AutoblogGreen, of course! But, where do you look when it comes time to make that purchase which you have researched so hard for? Hmmm, that one is a bit tougher, but it sounds like it might be getting much easier. AutoTrader, the nations largest automotive classified magazine company has decided to produce a separate publication which will only include vehicles that get 30 miles per gallon or better. The name of the rag will be AutoTrader Green.

AutoTrader Publishing President Richard Jamin had this to say regarding the new release, "The new AutoTrader Green magazine fits perfectly in our portfolio of niche products to consumers, such as Truck Trader, Collector Car Trader, Corvette Trader and many more. It also fits into our strategy of connecting consumers with dealers in innovative ways that allow us to remain the leader in the field." I guess that if they already had a Corvette Trader then it was high time to get with the program and start their Green Trader too.

[Source: AutoTrader via The Auto Channel]

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